Adolfo talked to another “Pink Hat” Red Sox fan to see if they could answer some simple questions about the Sox. He started things off as he normally does asking some questions to get to know the participate.

This young lady informs him that her favorite thing to do at Fenway Park is drink and her favorite player is Jacoby Ellsbury. When asked why she liked Ellsbury she couldn’t come up with a reason, this should give you an idea of how she’ll do once the tough questions start.

Knowing she couldn’t answer an opinion question about her favorite player, what are the chances she knows what position he plays?

Does she know what a short stop is or what about the division the Red Sox play in?

Can she explain what a closer does or what happens when a pitcher throws four balls? Can she name the current catcher for the Sox or any catcher for that matter.

The last question really confuses her, but her friend is right there to try and help her out.


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