LeBron James is an incredibly divisive figure, and his Game 4 performance (and accompanying fourth quarter injury) only led to more debate.

Andy Gresh thinks fans and LeBron haters were being far too hard on LeBron for the injury and performance.

“How does that guy get killed for what went down last evening? How does LeBron James come away being the bad guy in any way, shape or form? If you’re going to be unfair, then just be unfair. But if you are going to be fair, the only way you can describe it is that LeBron left it all out there and had nothing left to give and his body didn’t respond. But he came out initially, comes back in, knocks down maybe the biggest 3-pointer of the game, his team responded after that.”

What will happen if LeBron and the Heat win one more game and earn that first title?


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