BOSTON (CBS) – Statistically speaking, there is zero debate as to whether Roger Clemens is worthy of induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame. As everyone knows, though, there’s much more to the story than stats.

Clemens, fresh off acquittals on two counts of perjury, three counts of making false statements and one count of obstructing Congress, talked with SportsRadio 610 in Houston Tuesday. Among the many topics covered in the 21-minute interview, Clemens discussed his potential future as a Hall of Famer.

Just like he did at his famous press conference in 2008, Clemens claimed to be unconcerned about the decisions of Hall of Fame voters.

“Of course I have a lot of respect for the Hall of Fame,” Clemens told SportsRadio 610. “I’m not going to go around and shake people’s hands and worry about being introduced as a Hall of Famer. That’s not why I worked so hard to play the game. I worked extremely hard in the game because of the love of the game at first, and then because I realized [I could take care of my family].

“I can’t control that [voting],” he added. “I don’t know most of the guys that have votes, I really don’t know who has votes as writers.”

If he does one day earn an induction into the Hall of Fame, Clemens doesn’t want to spend much time worrying about which team’s hat he’ll wear.

“I hate answering questions about what hat you’re gonna wear in,” he said. “I make a joke that I want to wear a University of Texas visor or Titleist visor in, just because I don’t like answering the question, because I have great ties to all four clubs that I played for.”

Clemens played 13 seasons in Boston, six with the New York Yankees, three with Houston and two with Toronto.

Listen to the full Clemens interview here.

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