CHARLESTOWN (CBS) – A 59-year-old Charlestown man helped police catch a suspected bank robber on Tuesday by tackling him in the parking lot.

Police say the unnamed witness watched the robbery unfold inside the Cooperative Bank on Main Street in Charlestown.

He followed the suspect, Robert Krol, Jr. out of the bank, where he knocked him over and held him down until police showed up.

“That’s the real spirit of Charlestown,” District Attorney Dan Conley said of the witness on Wednesday. “They may not make a movie about him, and we certainly don’t want anyone to get hurt being a hero, but you’ve got to hand it to a guy who can tackle a bank robbery suspect half his age.”

Prosecutors say the 32-year-old Krol had about three inches in height and about 50 pounds in weight over the man who tackled him.

That witness sustained a few cuts and scratches to his arms and knees, but declined medical treatment.

Police recovered a wig, sunglasses, and a Boston Bruins hat from the ground next to Krol. They also recovered cash – believed to be from the bank – that Krol had on him.

Krol is being held on high bail.


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