WILMINGTON (CBS) – Surrounded by family, 15-year-old Mikey Murphy returned to his home in Wilmington for the first time in a year, just in time for Father’s Day.

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Mikey went into cardiac arrest last June while on his way to the Bruins’ Stanley Cup parade.

“His last words to me that morning were ‘I love you mom I’ll see you later.’ And I haven’t heard those words in a year and I want to hear them again,” said Cindy Murphy, Mikey’s mom.

The incident left Mikey with severe brain damage. At one point he couldn’t move his arms or his legs.

He’s getting better, but he still can’t speak, see or walk.

On Sunday, Mikey came home to celebrate Father’s Day with family and friends.

“This means the world to me to have him home with us for Father’s Day,” said Connie Murphy, Mikey’s grandmother.

“It means the world just to see my husband get his boy back home,” said Cindy Murphy.

Unfortunately, Mikey is not home for good just yet. He’ll have to go back to the hospital on Tuesday because the home is not ready for him to return for good.

This past year has been extremely financially stressful for the family as they deal with Mikey’s recovery.

But, the Murphy’s are fighters and they believe that Mikey will pull through.

“Right now we are trying to get a van donated,” said Michael Murphy, Mikey’s dad. “To transport Mike back and forth to the hospital and bring him home for weekend trips.”

Michael Murphy said he’s unable to work because he spends everyday with his son at the hospital.

“To have the whole family here together on Father’s Day, it’s the best present anyone can ask for,” said Michael Murphy.


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