BOSTON (CBS) – While Kevin Garnett did not say anything about his future plans, his old partner in the paint believes he will return to the Boston Celtics.

“I feel like if he does return to basketball, I think that that would be the team,’’ Oklahoma City Thunder center and former Celtics Kendrick Perkins told the Boston Globe on Sunday. “I heard Kevin say a few times that he wouldn’t want to play for anybody but Doc (Rivers), so it will be interesting to see.”

“I still think he got a lot more years in him. He got a lot of love for the game and it would be hard to see Kevin walk away from the game right now,” added Perk.

Perkins and Garnett controlled the paint for Boston from Garnett’s arrival in 2007 until Perkins was dealt to the Thunder at the 2011 trade deadline.

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Garnett made the move to center in the middle of last season, and it appeared to rejuvenate the 36-year-old. Even with 17 NBA seasons and a championship to his name, Perkins believes Garnett still wants to play basketball.

“I think he found some kind of new life, what do you call it? The fountain of youth, just how he’s been playing over these last couple of games in the playoffs and in the regular season, he’s almost a 20-10 guy,” said Perkins. “I hope he does come back. It’s good for the NBA. He’s still an icon in the league and you just like to see what he brings to the table.”

Flip Saunders, who used to coach Garnett in Minnesota and joined Boston as a special assistant at the end of last season, also said over the weekend he believes Garnett will rejoin the Celtics.

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Garnett is an unrestricted free agent, with many hinting he could retire this summer.

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