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Beach Weather? Definitely Not…But Still An Amazing Weekend.

By Meteorologist Joe Joyce, WBZ-TV
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Joe Joyce WBZ-TV Meteorologist

Joe Joyce WBZ-TV Meteorologist

A frustrating morning to say the least for those looking for beautiful sunshine at the beaches. Marine clouds have backing in from Nova Scotia and are here to stay at the coastline unfortunately. The ironic part is you will only have to head a mile or two inland to find abundant sunshine, but that is little consolation for weekend beach goers from Hampton Beach to the North Shore to the South Shore and Cape Cod. Weekend destinations at the beach for thousands of people will be stuck in the clouds with cool east winds gusting to 20 mph..keeping temps right around 58-65 degrees today. A down right cool day considering the normal high is 77 at Logan. I do have hope that the upper level ridge will provide enough subsidence that will see some breaking sun through the clouds from time to time at the beaches…but at this point it just do not look great unfortunately.

Inland, Whew! Completely different story thankfully! The upper level ridge firmly across the interior allowing for abundant sunshine through the day. From 128 westward you are golden for a gorgeous day. East winds will push the marine air a bit further inland today, so most of us will see highs in the 70-75 degree range…but the North and west away from the marine air will climb into the mid-upper 70′s nearing 80 in western New England.

As temps cool tonight with clear skies, low level marine clouds will continue to back in off the water. After midnight, I expect skies to become mostly cloudy. These low clouds will linger into early sunday morning before lifting and breaking by 10 AM giving way to increasing sunshine for all. I expect a brighter day at the beaches tomorrow, but the Cape and Islands to Plymouth may struggle to shake the clouds for most of the day Sunday as well. Sunday will still have ESE winds which will keep temps in the mid 60′s at the beaches and 70-75 degrees inland. The marine airmass will push a bit further inland too. So average highs inland will be in the Lwr 70′s. A coolish feel for this time of year…but really, we are still talking about a really nice weekend for most people over all…just a few issues at the beaches, with much more sunshine inland.

High pressure will remain parked off the coast into Monday. Low clouds in the morning will break to increasing sunshine. Coolre ESE winds will remain at the coast, so much more of the same. 60′s at the beach and Lwr 70′s inland. By Tuesday the high will begin to slide south and warmer SW winds will begin a considerable warm up which will take hold for the middle to end of the week. Upper level ridging on the east coast with SW winds will pump hot air into the Northeast starting Wednesday. 850 temps climb to 20 C which when mixed down could allow for temps to climb to 90-95 degrees! Just in time for the Summer Solstice which officially moves in Wednesday at 7:20 PM. This will be a significant change to the airmass…from cool, comfortable, low humidity…to Hot and humid in the Wednesday-Friday Time frame. Some areas inland will have 3 days of temps at or above 90 degrees to make it an offical heat wave. So while some may be running from the beaches because of the chill today…by the end of the week…the beaches should be packed with people looking for relief from the heat!

So a quiet week of weather is likely over all with sunshine and fair weather clouds and a midweek warming trend. A cold front will push through Friday with the chance of thunderstorms which will bring cooler temps and welcome relief from the heat and humidity for next weekend.

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