By Bill Shields

BOSTON (CBS) – A Swansea convenience store is making a lot of money for its customers.

The James Quick Mart has sold three scratch tickets worth one million dollars in the last five years. The locals firmly believe there’s magic in the store.

To say they sell a lot of scratch tickets there is an understatement. A few people might buy a candy bar, or some beer, but it’s the lottery tickets that keep bringing them back.

On Friday, WBZ saw a lot of people buy some tickets, go outside and scratch, then come back in to collect their winnings.

“It is a lucky store,” says store owner Shiv Patel, “but how is it lucky? I’ll keep that secret.”

Last year, the store paid out about $1.2 million in winnings to its customers. According to the lottery commission, that is just about average for a store of its size.


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