A Blog by Gary LaPierre

     Hey have you heard how the casino knuckleheads are going to fix the bad economy?   Put up a multi-million dollar casino where the down-trodden victims of the bad economy could foolishly blow whatever they have left.    Perfect!

     Full disclosure here; I wouldn’t bet on a horse race if there was only one horse in the running, so needless to say, casinos aren’t my thing.  But the meatheads who are trying to convince the voting public that a bright, shiny but sleazy gambling casino can fix our economic woes should definitely be in Vegas working a “Craps” table because that’s what they’re selling here.

     Foxborough and surrounding towns said “no”….even to the Krafts, whom they like.   Freetown and Lakeville said “no” and now Taunton is pondering the pros and cons.   Even for a depressed area, thinking you can dig yourself out of a hole by shoveling promises to the people who want to do stupid things with their money, is just wrong.

     I will give you this gamblers;    If….and I say IF there was an ideal spot for a casino it would be at the Suffolk Downs racetrack in East Boston.  With all due respect to the people who live anywhere around it, there’s nothing else there….and God knows the area could use a little pick-me-up.   Yes, it would be like trying to put a shine on a sneaker, but it might be the perfect spot for all the crime, grime, drinking and debauchery that goes along with the world of casinos.  And then there’s this: Route 1-A, Route 1, c-1 or what the hell other roads go from Boston, up the coastline to N.H. are among thee worst, grossest, most confusing and certainly most dangerous roads in all of North America. I’ve driven that stretch of road for a dozens of years and if you’ve driven it just once, you know its right up with the ugliest and most dangerous roads to drive, anywhere and anytime.

     Yuh….stick a big gaming casino right in the middle of it…that’ll surely fix the blight around it!    Heck, even the Indians would be afraid to drive to it.


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