BOSTON (CBS) — One Tom Brady video just wasn’t enough for the world, so the folks at Funny Or Die  released some “behind the scenes” footage from the video that spread like wildfire on the web last month.

The video shows Brady on the set of the half-Under Amour commercial, half-funny Internet video. It features a few outtakes but mainly stars a comedian playing an obsessive fan of Brady.

WATCH: ‘Behind The Scenes’ Footage From Brady’s Funny Or Die Video

The fan, Mike Mitchell, gets a little too “touchy” for Brady’s liking at the start, then insists he and Brady “look like twins” when they’re both wearing the same apparel.

“Like what — the Danny DeVito movie?” Brady chuckles.

The fan steals a snippet of Brady’s hair to wear as a mustache and also asks the quarterback to sign his bare stomach and his mother’s undergarments.

WATCH: Brady’s Original Funny Or Die Video

The original Funny Or Die video hit the web in late May and was a hit, with the quarterback showing off some comedic chops that he’s kept mostly quiet since hosting Saturday Night Live in 2004.

“It was fun. You get asked to do different things at different times and it was a nice part of the offseason I’ll remember,” Brady said of the video. “It was pretty much me being me. My teammates see me angry all the time. It’s pretty easy to get riled up; that part of the acting is pretty easy.”

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