BOSTON (CBS) – The black bear that’s been wandering around Cape Cod has been captured peacefully.

Lezli Rowell called authorities late Monday afternoon after she spotted the bear wandering into the woods behind her home in Wellfleet.

She told WBZ-TV it was “ambling around quietly” at the edge of her yard and then wandered into a very deep part of the woods as police closed off the area.

Just before dark, the bear came back into sight. That’s when Rowell said authorities put a dart filled with an immobilizing agent into it.

The bear’s muscles became still, but it was still conscious and awake.

Her husband used a chain saw to clear a path in woods to get the bear out.

capture Witness: Capture Of Cape Bear Was A Gentle Event

The bear after it was captured June 11 in Wellfleet. (Photo courtesy: Lezli Rowell)

“They put it on a stretcher, a little bit of netting over it to protect it and (it took) four guys to carry it out to the waiting truck,” Rowell said.

“When they brought it out, it was fully conscious, it wasn’t moving much, just its head and face were moving. They fed it water. It seemed alert and aware. They let me and my sons pet the bear.”

“We’re just really excited to see it end on a positive note,” she told WBZ.

“It was a really gentle event, actually.”

Authorities released the bear back into the wild Monday night in western Massachusetts, but would not say exactly where.


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