BOSTON (CBS) — Jonathan Quick and Dustin Brown may have made a few headlines over the past couple of weeks, but the biggest breakout star of the Stanley Cup Final has arguably been Taylor Stevens.

The webcam model caused quite the stir when she sat behind the Devils’ bench for Game 4 in Los Angeles, enough so to get Devils head coach Peter DeBoer to answer a question about her before Game 6.

While much of the country learned about Stevens during this series, she’s not a new name for Toucher & Rich, who had her visit the studio last year to audition for the vacant job at NESN left by Heidi Watney.

The friend of the show called in Tuesday morning to discuss her experience at the Stanley Cup Final, and she said she got the tickets thanks to a loyal fan.

“It’s been a rough year,” she said. “I’d rather have a moment at the Stanley Cup Finals than a purse, pair of shoes or a gift card. So fans are going to do that for me because they know that I cherish moments over things, and that’s what happened and that moment was amazing and last night was amazing as well.”

While Stevens has seen an increase in her number of fans since she was spotted during Game 4, she’s also heard much more criticism about her appearance at the game.

“What bothers me is that’s how I dress on a regular basis,” she said. “No matter what I wear, it’s going to draw some kind of attention. There’s so many people that want to complain about it, but let’s take a look at the ice girls or the cheerleaders. There are a lot of women at these games who dress attractive, and I think it’s great. [People] need to just let go and enjoy the moment and enjoy hockey and enjoy the view, really.”

Though Stevens obviously didn’t end up getting that NESN job, Fred Toucher said he believes a sideline reporting job would still be perfect for Stevens. She said politics has played a role in preventing that, but perhaps some day she’ll get her chance.

“Maybe they don’t want the adult star reporting on sports, but you know what? I know my sports, and I love my teams, and I’m more than just an adult star,” she said.


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