Bobby Valentine had some strange comments about Major League Baseball umpiring over the weekend.

On Tuesday, Gresh and Zo tried to decipher what the comments mean.

Could there possibly be some truth behind the Sox skipper’s statements?

Will human error remain a part of America’s pastime?

What will be the future of the strike zone?

“I think Bobby overstated it a little bit. He actually has a good point in here. But he’s kind of overstating it and diluting it with the whole “the humans!” and all of that,” Andy Gresh said.

“Bobby has a great point — the strike zones are too inconsistent,” Gresh said. “But what are you going to do about it?”

Gresh said despite the fact that Valentine has a point, he can’t let his team find excuses in bad calls, and he should follow Doc Rivers’ lead in not using officials as an excuse.


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