By Bill Shields, WBZ-TVBy Bill Shields

PLYMOUTH (CBS) – When Britt Williams went into labor, she never thought her baby would be so impatient.

“It snuck up on me, and we left the house, and I had a feeling that we might be a little late, but I thought for sure we’d make it,” says Britt.

Her husband Russ says, “I was telling her, ‘we’re almost there, just hold off another minute we can make it, just another minute.'”

They made it to the parking lot of Jordan Hospital but little R.J. decided the minivan was as good a place as any to be born.

“We didn’t plan this,” says Britt, “it was a surprise I would have been in the back had we known.”

Russ ran into the hospital and told them he needed a doctor in the parking lot. The ER team got into the minivan and decided it was too late to get Britt inside.

Dr. Jim Giddings says, “we quickly noticed she was crowning and the baby’s head was presenting at that time, it didn’t take very long and delivered a beautiful baby boy with no complications.”

R.J. was delivered in the front seat.

“I’m just so relieved that he’s here and he’s healthy and we just feel so blessed to have him,” says Britt.


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