If you see a kid doing something wrong in public, do you say something to the kid, or do you believe this is strictly the domain of the parents? If your child is being mischievous in public, do you welcome a little verbal discipline form a well-meaning stranger, or do you feel your child’s behavior is nobody’s business but yours?
Let’s face it. You can’t watch your kid every minute, and with the negative influences of peer pressure and social media, you need all the help you can get. But do you trust that, on balance, the community will steer you child in the right direction. Perhaps you do not want strangers interacting with your kid at all.
Back in the day, if I was behaving badly, and a neighbor caught me, I could expect to be verbally chastised. Then the neighbor would speak to my parents and I would get another talking to at home.
It may be important for kids to hear guidance from folks other than their parents so that they realize the rest community generally agrees with what their parents are telling them concerning right and wrong.
What are you thoughts on this?


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