By Christina Hager, WBZ-TVBy Christina Hager

BOSTON (CBS) – Federal aviation investigators are looking into what caused a dangerously close call at Logan Airport Thursday. According to the FAA, a Delta flight that left from LaGuardia was about to land in Boston when a Boeing 737 taxied onto the end of the same runway without authorization.

Air traffic controllers caught the mistake. They instructed the plane to circle around and return for landing, once the runway was clear.

It had passengers at Logan on edge. “There are so many flights, something like this is bound to go wrong sometime. It’s just a small instance, but it’s still something that really gets you going, gets you sweating a little bit,” said Keagan Jacobs, who flew in for the Celtics game.

“I guess I don’t want to think about it because I want to be able to get on my next flight home,” said Carolyn Bloom as she picked up her luggage.

It’s not the first close call on Logan’s runways. Last July, the wing of a Delta 767 clipped the tail of a regional jet as both were getting ready to take off.

This time, the plane was able to land safely.


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