BOSTON (CBS) – The FDA is investigating a WBZ-TV report that a Stow man was badly burned after applying spray-on sunscreen made by Banana Boat.

“It is possible for a sunscreen to be flammable once it’s applied to the skin because some sunscreen products are alcohol-based,” said the FDA, in a statement.

To report an incident related to applying the sunscreen, click here.

A few weeks ago, Brett Sigworth of Stow stepped in front of a barbecue grill shortly after applying the aerosol sunscreen, and his body was immediately engulfed in flames.

Sigworth suffered second-degree burns on his chest, ear and back.

Soon after WBZ-TV’s report, Banana Boat released a statement expressing concern for Sigworth and vowing to find out exactly what happened.

“We were concerned to hear about Brett’s experience,” the company said in the statement. “At Banana Boat, we take these matters very seriously and will begin a prompt investigation as we continue to strive to deliver products of the highest quality to our consumers.”

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