Slow improvement in the economic picture is one thing. I can live with that. But the recent rise in the unemployment rate and the steep drop in the stock market kick me in the gut. I can live with the political status quo as long as it produces even modest economic progress, but when we start to backslide, I start looking for change.

Do you feel that while you may like much about the tone of the Obama administration, it is failing to create an environment that fosters economic growth? Do you feel that President Obama has had his chance and failed? Do you now believe that the President has been out there pitching for a long time and has shown us his best fast ball, and despite that, we are falling further behind? Is it time to go to the bench for the economic whiz kid who has just been brought up from the minors?
I realize that Mitt Romney comes to the table with a lot of unknowns, and even some negatives. So what! Our bench is not very deep and Romney is a fresh player who theoretically has the stuff to get us out of this slump.
And those who may be loath to vote for a Republican, remember, members of Mitt’s own party have labeled him a “Republican In Name Only.” They believe being a R.I.N.O. is a bad thing. I do not. We can sweat the ancillary issues later. Let’s give the ball to Romney and see what he’s got.
Play the Jay Talking video and see who agrees with me and who thinks I am nuts.


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