LOWELL (CBS) – A man was ordered to be held without bail for allegedly stabbing a neighbor and barricading himself in his Lowell apartment on Monday.

lowellstandoffweb Lowell Man Held Without Bail After Stabbing, Standoff

Craig Monahan in court on Tuesday.

Prosecutors said 25-year-old Craig Monahan barged in to a neighbor’s apartment and asked who called police on him for loud music. He then stabbed his neighbor in the hand before fleeing to his apartment.

Police arrived at the home on Walker Street and found Monahan hanging out his third floor window, yelling at police to shoot him and saying he’s ready to die.

Monahan even held a knife to his own neck and said he would slice his throat.

For hours, officers tried to talk him down, but he was barricaded inside and said he had guns and a hostage.

SWAT teams were able to get him out two hours later to the cheers of neighbors.

Monahan is due back in court next week.

The 25-year-old stabbing victim is expected to be fine.


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