Gresh, Zo and Dan Shaughnessy talked about the on-going drama surrounding Bruins’ goaltender Tim Thomas, as he announced this weekend that he is walking away from the game of hockey for the next season to concentrate on his family, friends and his faith.

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Is there a rift between Thomas and the organization?

“Of course there’s a rift this guy’s breaking their chops, if it’s about the contract then it’s not good, if it’s about him building a cabin or putting a tinfoil hat on his head it’s not good,” said Shaughnessy.

The guys question his handling of the situation when he decided to announce his decision through Facebook rather than coming out and making a full statement. Was it to avoid answering follow up questions?

Is Tim Thomas damaging his legacy as an icon in Boston sports history? Gresh thinks he is and he also thinks that there’s more to it then we’re being told.

“So at 38 I’m suppose to believe that this guys just wants to take a year off, the Olympics may or may not be a factor, but he could walk back into the National Hockey League sight unseen after a year of doing what in the mountains of Colorado saying that he’s training. Come on, it just doesn’t add up.”


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