Felger and Massarotti kicked off the week discussing the Boston Celtics, their 93-91 series tying win, and the issues with the Miami Heat.

After tying the series at two games a piece, how do you feel about this Celtics team now?

“You cannot say enough about their resolve. I underestimated their talent at this level,” Mazz said. “Ray Allen’s turnaround has been significant. I thought he was pretty much done, and they might be able to get something out of him. But I dint expect him to be as efficient as he was.”

“The one thing they have on their side is experience and balls, which is proving to be more of a factor in this series than I thought it would be and I give the Celtics credit for that,” added Mazz. “They have a shot now. It’s down to three games, two of them are down there so you have to win one on that floor if you want to win the series. They have a chance, because Miami doesn’t have an answer for a couple of things that they are doing.”

What is more likely to happen? The Celtics winning in Miami or the Heat taking a game in Boston?

“I think either team could win on the other team’s floor,” said Mazz.

“I give the Celtics a hell of a chance. I like them ‘a lot more better,'” said Felger, making fun of Magic Johnson’s take following Game 4. “It’s entirely in the realm of possibility because, one, the Celtics are on this mission they have been on since the All-Star break. Since Garnett started playing down low, playing ten years younger, that is real.”

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“The other part is there is still something so unimpressive to the Miami Heat, to me. For all the physical talents of LeBron James, of course, and Wade to a lesser extent, what else do they really have? They don’t have an offense. You’ve comes to realize that in the second halves of these games; they have no offense.”

“If Miami was supposed to be this multiple champion, how can you be that team with literally, no offense?”  wonders Felger. “Wade is going to dribble it out, or LeBron is going to dribble it out, and either a stupid long jumper or a drive to the rum. Now if you’re in Miami, you get to the free throw line, in Boston they don’t. That’s the Miami Heat offense. Once every while they’ll kick it open to someone for three, and maybe Battier will knock it done. That’s their offense!”

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“They defend very well. When they dial up their defense they are legit,” Felger said of the Heat. When they play good D and start running off of misses, turnovers and even makes, they are pretty scary. But tell me what else they do well? They are not a good team. They have a couple incredible players, but they are not a good team. The Celtics are a good team, so here we go.”

Also, are Miami’s free throws killing them this series? What does it say that they are shooting 65-percent from the line this series?


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