BOSTON (CBS) – Bruins goalie Tim Thomas has all but confirmed that he will sit out at least the 2012-2013 season.

“From the earliest age I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a hockey player. I’ve been blessed in my life to not only be able to live that dream, but to achieve more than I ever thought possible,” Thomas wrote in a post on Facebook on Sunday. “The singleminded focus that is necessary to accomplish a dream of this magnitude entails (by necessity) sacrifice in other areas and relationships in life.”

Thomas said he feels it’s important to take time off and reconnect with friends, family and faith.

“At the age of 38, I believe it is time to put my time and energies into those areas and relationships that I have neglected,” Thomas wrote. “This is what I plan on doing over the course of the next year.”

Thomas didn’t offer any hints about whether or not he’s done with playing in the NHL for good.

“What does this portend for the future? We’ll see. God’s will be done,” Thomas wrote.

On Saturday night, Thomas posted two links on his Facebook page about a forecast for extremely fragile world economy and added his own caption: “See why hockey’s just not that important right now?”

The two-time Vezina Trophy winner went 35-19 with a 2.36 goals against average last season for the Bruins.

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