BOSTON (CBS) – The Clean is a very cool indie band that formed in Dunedin, New Zealand in 1978. They play pop music with an edge, using simple keyboard melodies and chord progressions.

This band was one of the first modern bands in New Zealand to play original music. They formed at a time when one could count on most anything from Australia and New Zealand for a good listen. That included bands like The Chills, The Moffs, The Wreckery, and Porcelain Bus.

This gig presents a rare chance to see a band that was in the vanguard of the halcyon eighties from a region that produced the some of the best music of the time. The gig should draw fans across the age spectrum. While the mature rock fan will be there for a blast of nostalgia, The Clean still have enough “cool-juice” to draw the current hipster.

The Clean plays Brighton Music Hall on June 4th.

I’ll see you in the front row!

Bradley Jay is a long-time talk host, DJ, and musician. Check out Jay Talking, Sunday nights at 10 on WBZ NewsRadio 1030. Follow Bradley Jay on Twitter @jaytalkingwbz.


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