The Heat rallied from 15 down to beat the Boston Celtics 115-111 on Wednesday night to take a 2-0 lead in Eastern Conference Finals. Rajon Rondo tried to lead his team to victory by playing every second of a 53-minute game and racking up 44-points, 10-assists, eight-rebounds.

Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe joined 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher & Rich to discuss the officiating in Game Two, Ray Allen’s performance, will the Celtics have their legs in Game Three and is there bias toward the Heat?

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The Celtics were called for 33 personal fouls in Game 2, while the Heat were only called for 18. Did the officiating cost the Celtics the game?

“They’ve got to deal with the officiating better, but yeah it did make a big difference last night. It wasn’t as blatant as it was in Game One with the technicals, but the calls overall. LeBron getting to the free throw line 24 times, Wade and LeBron playing a combined 90 minutes and committing a total of four fouls, when Pierce fouls and commits six himself. I mean the numbers just speak for themselves, it’s ridiculous.”

The guys discussed the fact that Danny Ainge had a conversation with NBA Vice President of Referee Operations Joe Borgia.

Many were concerned with how Ray Allen looked in Game 1 when he only put up six points in over 38 minutes of play. Last night it seemed as if his health was back. Was that just a one night thing or does he have his shot back?

Wallach thought that the Celtics played as good as they could have last night and still lost. After this game does it look like the Celtics are in danger of being swept?

“Game Three is critical, obviously if they lose it. They have got to come out and play a better game in some of the small facets.”

Rondo played all 53 minutes of Game 2 and Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen all played over 40 minutes. Are the guys going to be able to come out with the legs needed to win Game Three?

“It’s the playoffs so yeah you’re concerned, but they got to step it up.”

Plus does Washburn think the NBA favors the Miami Heat?


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