Boston Celtics managing partner and governor Wyc Grousbeck joined Felger and Massarotti to talk some Boston Celtics and the playoff run.

Not surprisingly, the first topic discussed was officiating in the NBA and in particular the current Eastern Conference finals between the Celtics and Heat.

How much ability does David Stern have when it comes to the hiring and firing of referees?

“They’re independent people and they’re a bargaining unit and they’re a union and they’re not always happy and they’re not in anyone’s pocket,” Grousbeck said of NBA officials. “There’s no manipulation of it. That doesn’t mean we have to all like how the games turn out or how the referees blows his whistle. But nobody’s orchestrating anything.”

Grousbeck didn’t have too many complaints about the officiating in the Heat-Celtics series, saying he’d just prefer his team win big without having to worry about officiating.

“I’m not bothered that anybody else stole it from us,” Grousbeck said. “It was there for the taking, it was overtime, and we lost.”

When it comes to the Celtics bench, Grousbeck said the absence of Jeff Green and Chris Wilcox hurt immensely. There’s obviously nothing the Celtics can do about that now, so Grousbeck’s looking forward.

With that, is end of the “Big 3” era soon to be over?

“I’m very comfortable right this minute. We’re going to sit, we’re going to watch these games, we’re going to gut this out,” he said. “I’d love to take tomorrow [Game 3] and make Miami worry about Sunday. And maybe we take Sunday and we go from there. I’m really in game-to-game mode. I’m not in rebuilding-the-roster mode right this minute.”

Grousbeck also discusses the organization’s view of Rajon Rondo, the Magic’s reported interest in Doc Rivers, the conspiracy theories about the NBA draft lottery, the play of LeBron James and whether the Heat are just better than the Celtics.


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