BOSTON (CBS) – After spending nearly five weeks on a Boston Celtics mosaic, 48 autistic students at the Joseph Lee School in Dorchester got to present their special gift to the team on Wednesday.

The school presented the C’s mascot, Lucky The Leprechaun, and director community relations and player development director Matt Meyershohn with the special mosaic Wednesday afternoon in hopes it brings the team a little extra luck as they battle the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals.

“Hopefully this brings them some extra luck. Not that you’re going to need it but hopefully a little extra kick,” said art teacher Chris Hall, who put together the project.

“Every little bit helps,” responded Lucky.

Over 13,000 pieces of construction paper were used to construct the mosaic of the famous Celtics logo.

“This is incredible. This is one of the greatest presents I’ve seen made for the Celtics,” Lucky said of the work of art. “I’m truly blown away.”

The gift was unveiled in a special assembly, and of course, Lucky was up to his usual in-game antics. The students roared with applause as he awed them with dunks in the school’s gym, even using Hall to assist with one of them.

“They were really pumped,” Hall said of his students. “When (Lucky) was up there dunking away, this is what we had envisioned seeing when we made this.”


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