BOSTON (CBS) – New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is taking his turn at comedy once again, although he isn’t really the one making the jokes this time around.

Brady appears as himself in a new video, where he enters a sporting goods store in California in search of some Under Armour gear. Brady, an Under Armour spokesman, asks for assistance, but ends up getting made fun of for his “Boston accent.”

Brady, a California native, plays it cool for a while, but gets aggravated near the end. There are only so many “wicked” and “chowder” jokes a three-time Super Bowl champ can take.

It’s not the first time the Patriots star has showed his comedic chops. He hosted Saturday Night Live in 2004, after he had won his third Super Bowl in New England. This month, Eli Manning hosted SNL after beating Brady’s Patriots in the Super Bowl, so perhaps this video was the next best thing for Brady.

Brady has also appeared in several humorous Visa commercials and a Snickers commercial around the time of his SNL-hosting days.

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