By Dan Roche, WBZ-TV SportsBy Dan Roche

BOSTON (CBS) -The Boston Red Sox have done a remarkable job righting what was a sinking ship.

Since the infamous Josh Beckett-booed-off-the-mound night against Cleveland on May 10th, the Sox have gone 12-5 and 4-1-1 in series. Once again, they are back at .500 as we get set to say good-bye to May.

The Sox are getting healthier (hopefully Dustin Pedria is OK after suffering a jammed thumb Monday). The starting rotation has settled down while bullpen roles are now clearly defined. The offense is getting better and the defense is steady. And, this team seems to be coming together under Bobby Valentine and his staff.

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The best sign is this team is battling. They’ve begun to grind as a team, every game. The players seem to understand what it takes to play in a Red Sox uniform.

With Adrian Gonzalez — yes, Adrian Gonzalez — leading the way with his “I’ll do anything Skip” attitude, this group is becoming a likeable team.

Now they need to get rolling, and keep it going.

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They can start by not going through a June swoon. It’s time for them to go out and win seven-of-10 and churn out series win after series win. That’s what it will take, and if they can muster that the Boston Red Sox will be well on their way to becoming a bonafide playoff contender.

It’s go time. Let’s see what we’ve got with 2012 Boston Red Sox……

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