MANCHESTER, NH (CBS) – A New Hampshire couple says a man pulled a gun on them when they tried to park in front of his house. It all happened on a public road in Manchester.

Janessa Flood was simply trying to park her truck when she found herself at the wrong end of a gun.

“I’ve never seen a gun before,” she says. “It was scary. I was just in shock. I was like that’s a real gun.”

Flood and her boyfriend were attending a barbecue at a friend’s Manchester home. Parking was tight, so they pulled up in front of Reginald Reed’s house.

Flood says, “My boyfriend rolled down the window and said ‘hey is it OK if we park here?’”

Instead of a yes or no, Reed allegedly responded with his gun.

“The guy pulled it out, he pointed it at us and then he pointed it up the street and said no,” says Flood.

They drove away and called police. When the cops came they arrested Reed for a felony and took his weapon.

Manchester Police Lt. Maureen Tessier says, “Whatever the dispute is over it doesn’t rise to the level that would necessitate him displaying a firearm and pointing it at the individual which is obviously a concern that if it was loaded and accidentally discharged it could cause some danger.”

Flood is still shaken up. She says she’s never met Reed and doesn’t know what made him so angry. She says she’s not in a hurry to run into him again.

“I would be nervous to go back over there though, to go back to my friend’s house,” says Flood.

Reed was arrested on felony threatening charges and was released on bail. He wouldn’t speak to WBZ about what happened.

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