PELHAM, NH (CBS) – Police in New Hampshire are searching for vandals armed with BB guns who have damaged dozens of homes and cars.

Police believe they are picking their victims at random.

Pelham, New Hampshire police say vandals there have caused close to $8,000 worth of damage, mostly broken car windows, this weekend alone.

Overnight on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, the suspects struck at least 34 times, pelting homes and cars with BB guns and rocks.

They hit ten vehicles at a used car lot alone.

One resident woke up to the sound of BBs hitting his truck and the side of his house. He wanted to chase the suspects but by the time he got outside, they were gone.

Police have a message for the mischief-makers: “It’s definitely not a game, this is people’s property, people are working hard, the economy is down, they need to pay attention to what they’re doing, they’re costing people money,” says Pelham Police Sgt. Anne Therriault. “It’s definitely not funny.”

When caught, the suspects will face charges of criminal mischief.


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