BOSTON (CBS) –  After a struggling to put the puck in the net in the playoffs, the Boston Bruins are primed to make a big splash this summer for an offensive player.

Rumor has it the Bruins are prepared to make a major offer for Columbus’ Rick Nash, who wants out of Ohio. However, the price tag is going to be pretty high.

CSNNE’s Bruins insider Joe Haggerty joined 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher & Rich Friday morning to talk a potential Nash trade to Boston, but Columbus may be asking too much at the moment.

The current rate for Nash to come to Boston would be Milan Lucic and Dougie Hamilton or Tyler Seguin and Hamilton; two deals Haggs doesn’t see the Bruins offering up.

“That’s a gigantic price I don’t think the Bruins are willing to pay, and rightfully so,” said Haggerty.

“It’s not very real right now; I think they’re asking for way too much,” said Haggerty. “They want a ton, and rightfully so; he’s a franchise player. They also feel like at the draft next month in Pittsburgh there will be a  lot of interest in him, and they’ll probably be able to get a couple of teams into a bidding war.”

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While there is no way the Bruins deal away both Segiun and Hamilton, two of their young cornerstones of the future, would they be willing to part with Lucic’ physicality to Nash’s scoring?

“I think he is such an important part of the fabric of that team and the personality in the way they play, it would be extremely difficult for me to see them do that,” Haggerty said of Lucic. “It would depend on what they were getting back, but it would have to be an incredible deal; when they were talking to the Kings about Dustin Brown — who is tearing it up in the playoffs right now — Lucic’s name was brought up.

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How much of a difference is there in Nash’s game compared to Lucic’?

“He doesn’t play as physical as Lucic does. He had half as many hits as Lucic did (last season), he’s not the fore-checker Lucic is, he’s not the fighter that Lucic is, he’s not the fearsome intimidator on the ice that Lucic is,” said Haggery. “You also have to wonder about a guy that has played in Columbus for nine years on a crappy team, and never complained to leave before now… As far as the NHL playoffs go, he hasn’t had much experience at all and you wonder what he’d be able to bring at that time of the year.”

How much emphasis are the Bruins going to place on offense this summer? And If they don’t land Nash, who are other potential options to boost their goal-scoring? Find out this and more with Joe Haggery on Toucher & Rich! 


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