Gresh & Zo opened Wednesday’s show fired up about the Miami Heat’s dirty plays against the Pacers in Game 5 Tuesday night.

The Heat were whistled for two flagrant-one fouls in their 115-83 win; Udonis Haslem for a two-hand chop on Tyler Hansbrough (who was whistled for a flagrant-one of his own a few plays prior), and Dexter Pittman for a viscous chop to the neck of Lance Stephenson.

Zo says it’s typical Miami.

“They’re thugs,” said Zolak.

But Gresh actually likes the fact the Heat are sticking up for themselves.

“Because one guy did something, all of a sudden now they’re a dirty team? This just proves they have now become the New York Yankees. The Miami Heat are to sports what the Yankees were in the 90’s and early part of the 2000’s. It doesn’t matter what they do, it doesn’t matter how much they win. It doesn’t matter. People are going to say, whatever they do, they should have done the opposite and they are douches for doing so.”

Zo isn’t buying it though.

“There are ways to fight back,” said Zo. “You can increase your intensity on defense, you can out-rebound people and use the body. But if you’re going to do what Haslem did to Hansbrough, and have total utter disregard… Pittman shouldn’t play the rest of the year. ”

“It was gutless; as dirty a play I’ve seen in the NBA,” added Zolak. “People here freaked out when Dwaye Wade threw Rajon Rondo to the court (last year). They wanted him out. This is ten times worse than what Dwayne Wade did to Rajon Rondo.”


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