BOSTON (CBS) – Red Sox DH David Ortiz was one unhappy Papi Monday night.

Ortiz ripping into the pretty much everyone following Boston’s 8-6 win over the Orioles, saying he gets no respect from the organization and Boston media alike. Gresh & Zo took a look at David Ortiz’ postgame remarks, and wonder what Big Papi’s motivation is behind the comments?

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“I’m scratching my head to figure out what exactly he is pissed off at,” said Gresh. “I think some of it is a carry over from last year; with the fried chicken and the beer. Where was Papi in all this? I think we’ve learned there is that division where pitchers are over here, and position players are over there. There was that divide.”

“But I think Ortiz is mad at two groups of people; the Red Sox front office, and fans/media,” said Gresh. “I think he’s mad that we don’t shower him with love all the time. I think the guy gets upset that maybe we take him for granted, and we look at Dustin Pedroia and say he’s everything we want in a player.”

“For a period of time here, David Ortiz rode the wave of being as popular a player in this city as Tom Brady,” said Gresh. “When you think of it, David Ortiz and Tom Brady for two, three years were probably on the same level. And Ortiz has kind of fallen behind, at least in the minds of some fans, on the popularity level.”

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“It’s almost like he wants you to say “slap that C on his chest” and nobodies given him that,” said Zolak.

“But for him to say he doesn’t get respect, the dude’s name was on ‘The List’ and that got buried quickly,” Zolak adding, citing Ortiz’ connection to a New York Times report the Sox DH took PEDs. “That’s respect.”


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