Gresh & Zo tip off  Tuesday’s show breaking down the Celtics’ Game 5 win over the Sixers. Gresh equates the Celtics players to children that need to be motivated. The C’s are just frustrating to watch because they have the ability to be great.

“Last night should have been the close-out. We should be sitting here counting the amount of days of rest, not only for a guy like Kevin Garnett or more imporantly Paul Pierce, but for Avery Bradley because of another shoulder injury,” Scott Zolak said. “Now, you gotta go get on a plane and go survive another night down in Philly and make sure this doesn’t go to a Game 7 on Saturday night.”

“It’s like dealing with a kid,” Andy Gresh said. “You think they take the two steps forward, and then they take the step back. It makes you want to go nuts.”

Regardless, they’re hard to turn away from.

“They’re just a team that’s going to drive you nuts, I guess,” Gresh said. “But you keep watching and you keep coming back because when they are good like they were last night in that second half, it’s a great thing to watch and it’s a fun thing to watch.”


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