WORCESTER (CBS) – One of the most controversial sluggers in Major League Baseball history is back in the game. Jose Canseco, now 47-years-old, is playing for the Worcester Tornadoes and opening up about his steroid-fueled career.

Canseco, who is currently undergoing testosterone therapy, says he “one billion percent” regrets writing the book “Juiced.”

“It destroyed my life and my family’s life,” says Canseco. “Death threats, finances, been excommunicated by the game of baseball, I’m a pariah, I’m the devil, I’m a snitch, just for fixing the game of baseball that needed to be fixed.”

Canseco says the threats were so severe that his book tour was cut short by the FBI for his safety. “I went through hell,” he says, “believe me I’ve been to hell and back or as close as you can get.”

Canseco also says he believes that Roger Clemens never used steroids.

Canseco On Clemens: 

“You have to understand this, everyone came to me for steroids and information back then, I was the man, period,” says Canseco. “He never brought it up that he ever wanted to use it, acquire it period. Roger to me was the straightest guy I’ve ever seen in my life, I never saw him cheat on his wife, I never saw him flirt, nothing.”

See more of Steve Burton’s 1-on-1 interview with Jose Canseco coming up at 11:35pm Sunday night on WBZ-TV’s Sports Final!


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