BOSTON (CBS) – If the Boston Celtics want a little extra luck during their current playoff run, they just need to contact the Joseph Lee School in Dorchester.

There is a special mosaic of the famous Lucky The Leprechaun logo gracing the halls, made up of 9,000 construction paper pieces.

But it’s who made the mosaic that makes it so special.

48 autistic students from the school, from second to fifth grade, spent 10 days making the piece of art.

“We’re hoping this will give them some extra luck in the playoffs… and raise a little Autism Awareness to show the world that when given the proper support, our kids are capable of making some great art and accomplishing great things,” said art teacher Chris Hall, the man behind the mosaic.

Each day the students would add pieces to an outline made by Hall, allowing the kids to fill in the blanks.

“One of the things I pride myself on is making sure I adapt in everything, so that way all kids can get involved,” he said. “Even the lower-level kids were able to get in and take part, and they loved it. With such a recognizable symbol, they all knew what it was right away.”

“They see this all the time, and they were really thrilled when we put it up,” said Hall.

They also added their own special touch, using puzzle pieces instead of shamrocks on Lucky’s vest, the symbol for Austism Awareness.

“It represents Autism Awareness, because it represents the missing link since it’s kind of a puzzle,” said Hall.

Hall is hoping to present the mosaic to the team, and that it can find a home somewhere in the TD Garden. This is not the first mosaic the students have put together, as they also made a six-by-17 foot mural for Black History month featuring Rosa Parks, Oprah Winfrey, President Barrack Obama, and Martin Luther King Jr.

They even made a special piece for Boston Mayor Tom Menino.

“We did one for Mayor Menino and presented it to him for Autism Awareness month,” said Hall. “We surprised him; he was thinking he was coming to get a small thing and it was a big six-foot mosaic. He was a little shocked, but he loved it. It’s hanging up in City Hall.”

And Hall and his students of the Joseph Lee School are not done yet. They have plans for a 11-by-20 foot mosaic, but need a little help to do so. To make a donation to help their cause, visit a “Donors Choose” page Hall has set up for the program.

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