By Beth Germano, WBZ-TVBy Beth Germano

GLOUCESTER (CBS) – Caleigh Harrison’s mother says she has done nothing wrong. Allison Hammond is under investigation by the state for possible neglect of her four-year-old daughter Lizzie.

Lizzie’s sister Caleigh disappeared a month ago from a Rockport beach, and Hammond tells WBZ-TV she hopes an inquiry will actually convince people she’s a devoted mother. “I know I’m a good parent that something bad happened to. They have to come and check and make sure I’m okay. They don’t know me,” she said.

She calls it a miscommunication with her estranged husband Anthony Harrison, who she says contacted police concerned about her demeanor, not knowing it would lead to a report to the state. “He didn’t understand how I was coping with this,” she says. “I am living day to day with Lizzie. I look happy and most people question whether I lack emotion, but I hold a lot inside. Because of that he thought I might have some issues, which I don’t.”

Harrison told reporters today he didn’t “push for it” and is trying to figure out himself what is going on. But Hammond says she has expected an inquiry since Caleigh disappeared when she turned away for a minute to retrieve a ball.

A state probe made her initially fear she’d lose her daughter. “Everything becomes public, but it became public before I understood what was really going on with it,” she said.

Right now it’s questions which she believes will prove who she is. “I think it’s fair, we have nothing to hide. They can come and take a look. We’re good parents.”

State Police have said there’s no evidence of foul play or neglect, but investigators with the Department of Children and Families will interview Hammond on Monday, and then decide whether to open a case.


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