Gresh & Zo talked to old friend, former Mayor of Providence, Vincent ‘Buddy’ Cianci Jr. to get the details of the Curt Schilling video Game mess in Rhode Island.

“They gave him $75 million dollars in loan guarantees; just think an Italian state like us, just think what we would have done for Yogi Berra,” Cianci joked.

Cianci filled us in on the origin of Schilling’s move to Rhode Island and how he felt about the deal when it was going down.

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“When I was on the radio, when Schilling came to Providence and started throwing those curve balls, I was the only guy who didn’t swing,” he said. “Basically, there wasn’t a lot of due diligence I’d imagine.”

They discussed the newest news surrounding the story. Keith Stokes, the head of the Rhode Island agency whose board approved the loan, resigned Wednesday as executive director of the Economic Development Corp.

Cianci admits that he doesn’t have the answers on how to fix the issue, but he believes that the answers can be found in the truth.

The former mayor also believes that the people involved need to come clean, and let the public know what’s really going on.


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