FRAMINGHAM (CBS) – A man found unconscious on a Framingham road Tuesday is recovering from brain surgery.

David Matzilevich found 21-year-old Nick Russo on the street in front of his Framingham home.

“He had a massive amount of swelling on the left side of his head,” said David Matzilevich.

Matzilevich, a research doctor who’s an expert on brain injuries, says he tried to help while his friend called 911.

“I assessed him to the best of my ability,” says Matzilevich. “He had a pulse. His breathing was adequate. He wasn’t conscious. He was laying face down.”

Now he wants to know what caused the massive wound to Nick’s head.

“The position of it was a little strange; whatever impact he suffered was a significant impact,” he says.

Police are saying very little and neighbors heard nothing before the discovery.

“No screeching of tires, I heard no arguing no shouting, everything seemed normal,” said Matzilevich.

Nick’s family tells WBZ he hasn’t regained consciousness since he was found and he’s still in intensive care.

Russo was found about a mile and a half away from where he works as a cook at Ruby Tuesday. Police aren’t sure whether Russo was hit by a car or assaulted.

WBZ-TV’s Karen Anderson contributed to this report.


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