The Celtics dropped Game Two of their second round series with the Philadelphia 76ers 82-81. Now with the series even at one game a piece, the two teams head to Philly for Game Three on Wednesday night.

Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe joined 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher & Rich to discuss Game Two, the officiating, Doc River not telling guys to foul with 28 seconds left and Avery Bradley’s shoulder.

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In a series that some thought the Celtics would run away with, the 76ers are putting up strong performances. What does this Game Two loss mean in this series?

“I just think one, the Sixers are here to play and they’re a good defensive team. I think there was a perception that maybe that they had played over their head against the Bulls and that they were going to come in here and kind of lay down, but when you play good defense you’re going to stay in a lot of games.”

They went on to discuss the strange calls by the officials in the game. The guy agree that the officiating wasn’t the reason the Green lost the game, but why all of a sudden at the end of the game did the whistles come alive? What did Washburn think of the late call on Kevin Garnett?

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“I didn’t get a chance to look at the replay to see if it was legitimately an illegal screen, I mean I think a lot of big men screen illegally in this league and it goes by. I don’t know if you make that call unless it’s absolutely blatant or you just grab a guy or you just deck a guy or something like that where something heinous happens.”

The Celtics didn’t really score a whole lot in the middle two quarters and a big part of that was because they got away from Kevin Garnett. Why did they go away from KG?

Plus Avery Bradley’s shoulder popped out of it’s socket last night and he popped it back in and continued to play. Will this continue to happen and will it affect his play?


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