Gresh & Zo tipped off  Tuesday’s show with some Celtics talk, mainly targeting the officiating during their Game 2 loss to the Philadelphia 76ers.

Gresh was fired up at moving screen on Kevin Garnett with 10 seconds remaining, saying it wasn’t what lost the game for the C’s, but the timing was horrendous.

“Normally I’m the one that say ‘NBA refs suck, just accept it for what it is’… But today is a little different, and it’s all based on game-play; based on the way the game went. I do think there are some times when it is appropriate to get on the officials, and today is one of them.”

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“It’s not the only reason — it’s not the singular reason they lost,” Gresh said of the call. “There were a lot of other things that went into that, but the way the way the game went… For 40 minutes, they let them beat the crap out of each other.”

“For one of the rare times in an NBA game for 40 of the 48 minutes, we saw consistent officiating. It was ‘rock ’em, sock ’em robots’ out there, and I don’t think anybody had a problem with it,” said Gresh. “Then all of a sudden, with 10 seconds left to go, the whistle goes in your mouth when it hadn’t been all night.”

“You can’t make that call in that situation,” said Gresh. “It’s the timing of the call, it’s the player its on, and the egregiousness of the foul.”

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The guys also question Rajon Rondo’s decision making at the end of the game.


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