JAMAICA PLAIN (CBS) – A Jamaica Plain day care owner was arrested Monday for allegedly trying to run over someone with her car.

“I am absolutely shocked, and she is a lovely person,” said Shivni Asopa, a parent.

Linda Valentin was led away from Arc-En-Ciel, a bilingual French day care and Montessori School, in handcuffs.

“My client is not a violent woman. Furthermore, she did not try to hit them with her car,” said Douglas Martin, Valentin’s attorney.

Martin said his client is innocent, and that this is all a dispute over a civil case with Valentin’s landlord, the local church. They have been locked in a legal battle over her lease for a year and a half.

Valentin hosted an open house at the daycare last weekend, and when two church members showed up, things got heated.

“She was having a 10-year anniversary open house for a very successful business. She spent a tremendous amount of money on advertising for this open house, and it was going very smoothly until two men came to the open house, and they started shepherding, they shepherded people away from the open house. They told them the open house, from my understanding, was closed, the open house was no longer in effect and that they should leave,” Martin said.

Valentin was released on bail. She is set to be in court on Tuesday.


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