A Blog by Gary LaPierre

     I’m still enjoying the retirement thing because for the most part……every day is Saturday….no work today.    The reality is however, until my brain turns to total mush, one is aware of what day it is and somehow, the old TGIF still works for me.

     We’re wrapping up the week on a bunch of high notes in our month of May lexicon;  Let me see…..Joe (bfd) Biden tells BHO he’s sorry about bringing up the gay thing.  You’ve got to be kidding me.   Do think bfd Joe brought that up on his own…..and nobody in Barack’s office knew he was going to do it?    Now look what you’ve done Joe.   You forced BHO to turn a weak……I mean extremely weak social issue into a huge campaign issue.    Wouldn’t you expect it to be hard-core conservatives, Southerners, Rednecks, whatever to be the ones ready to fight over the gay marriage issue?    Nope…..never brought it up.   Instead the most radically leftwing liberal in the history of the U.S. presidency decides to take a weak social issue, while the economy crumbles, and turn it into a giant campaign issue.   Joe may think it’s a bfd and he’s now sorry……but I’m sorry…..this is lame.

      And as if to get that one off the front page, the BHO attack dogs are picking on Mitt Romney for being a bully when he was in high school.  This is total garbage….and again I say….this is lame.

     Speaking of front page….how do you like the cover of Time magazine…a cougar Mom breastfeeding a 4-year old.  Two problems with that one kids; first, a 4-year old?   Nonsense.  Second, front cover of an alleged news magazine? Give me a break.  A bunch of years back, I actually witnessed a member of my extended family, sitting there with a 4-year old on her lap, while the child, yes the child…. proceeded to unbutton her blouse for a quick snack.  Hey Mom, when the child can do that himself, it’s time to teach him how to open the refrig.

     Then again, when the hottest reading material on the market today for women of child-bearing age is “Fifty Shades of Grey” it’s pretty clear where we’re headed.   Even public libraries are choosing to ban that trash from their shelves.


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