LOWELL (CBS) – A Lowell family is making a public appeal, hoping the burglar who stole their 3-year-old daughter’s brand new puppy will return it.

The thief broke into their home on Thursday and trashed the master bedroom, taking jewelry, laptops, and several other items. On the way out, that person swiped Peaches the Pug from her crate along with some dog food.

Just a few weeks ago, Peaches was a present for Freddy Colon’s daughter Lacey’s third birthday.

“We want the puppy back. No questions asked,” Lacey’s grandfather Charles L’heureux said. “It’s a little 3-year-old’s puppy. She’s heartbroken. How do you touch that?”

Lacey’s dad says he’s having a hard time deciding how to break the news to her.

“I haven’t done it yet. I haven’t found the right way. I don’t know if there is a right way,” he said. She’s been at her grandparent’s house for the last few days. Every time we’ve gone over to check on her, she says ‘how’s my puppy?’”

The theft left Lowell Police Capt. Kelly Richardson shaking his head.

“Breaking into someone’s house, that’s just wrong,” he said. “But, to take a dog off a three-year-old, that kind of goes above and beyond.”


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