SHIRLEY (CBS) – One special dog saved her owner by dragging her off the tracks and was hit by a train.

Lilly, an 8-year-old pit bull, lost a front leg but has gained a national following.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Mark Katic reports.

Lilly is now recovering at Angell Animal Hospital. The medical bills have reached $15,000, but more than $55,000 has poured in to the MSCPA, according to Rob Halpin, who described the response as “overwhelming.”

“Some other non-monetary gifts have flooded in for Lilly. There’s been offers for free food, offers for free supplements for her ongoing wellness program. Offers for free rehabilitation, and even a bandana of the month,” said Halpin.

Any extra money goes to a fund to help others pay their pets’ medical bills.

Halpin says even more important than the money raised is that Lilly’s story is giving people a new look at pit bulls.

“Shift the narrative about how we talk about this particular dog, and we show the true nature of pit bulls,” said Halpin.

Lilly should be home in Shirley by this weekend as she recovers from two surgeries on her back left leg and coping with the loss of her right front paw.

Halpin said Lilly’s recovery will be difficult.

“She’s just gonna need lots of tender love and care and support, but after a couple months of some work and some exercise on behalf of her owner and whoever he decides to work with for post-care stuff, for rehabilitation. She should be OK,” said Halpin.


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