BOSTON (CBS) – A regional jet made an emergency landing at Logan Airport Thursday evening after a passenger allegedly tried to open a cockpit door while the plane was in the air.

The man was subdued by a flight attendant and taken into State Police custody on the tarmac. He was identified as 40-year-old Michael Ensalaco of North Carolina.

jet Jet Lands At Logan Airport After Passenger Tried To Open Door During Flight

A regional jet was forced to make an emergency landing at Logan Airport.

A source says the man had an apparent medical condition before the incident.

Ensalaco is currently being interviewed by State Police and TSA officials. He is currently charged with interfering with a flight crew.

Police say there appears to be no connection to terrorism.

Ensalaco’s mother told WBZ-TV that he has taken medication for seizures in the past and had colon surgery a year ago.

She said the incident is “totally out of character” for her son who is married with five children, including 11-year-old triplets.

“He’s not a violent man,” said his father Leonard Ensalaco. “He’s just a hardworking professional man.”

There were 50 people and three crew members on the US Airways flight operated by Air Wisconsin. Flight 3801 took off from Portland, Maine and was headed to Philadelphia.

All passengers were taken off the plane at Terminal B in Logan Airport where they were interviewed by authorities.

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