Following a tough Game 5 loss by the Celtics in Atlanta, Gresh & Zo led off Wednesday’s show talking about Rajon Rondo’s inconsistent play.

While the C’s remain in control of the series, up 3-2 as they head back to Boston, the bigger question remains: can this team truly rely on Rondo?

After the game, Rondo was with family and friends in the hallways, and took exception to a camera man focusing on him.

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“Why does somebody have to grab him by the arm? Somebody always has to tell him how to act,” said Zolak. “Eventually it falls on the responsibility of the player.”

“That was a stupid, impetuous move,” said Gresh. “If the Celtics were smart — and they are — they would (assign someone to Rondo) to make sure that nothing gets out of hand.”

“It’s not the reason they lost the game, but would he act that way if they won?” asked Zo.

“Here is the thing, just be professional,” said Gresh. “I don’t know why (he had to go off).”

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“I would never compare the two, but traveling with the team you see what (Tom) Brady goes through. Every time that guy steps out where there is oxygen, there is a camera in his face,” said Zolak. “Rondo will never get to the level where he will be able to handle things like that.”

Are Gresh & Zo just picking on Rondo, or was the Celtics’ guard in the wrong by confronting the camera man? Let us know what you think in the comments section!


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