NEW IPSWICH, NH (CBS) – There is a possible break in a hit and run that injured a mother who was pushing her little girl in a stroller. Paramedics had to fly the New Ipswich mom to the hospital, but she did get a good look at the car.

Police have now seized a car, but so far there’s been no arrest. It’s frustrating to Crystal Hazelton who has tens of thousands of dollars of medical bills piling up.

She still gets angry when she thinks about the driver who crashed into her as she was pushing her daughter in a stroller.

“It’s been hard, knowing that it’s been two weeks and the person’s still out there,” she says.

A week ago, New Ipswich police called with a tip and wanted her to come look at a vehicle.

“When I drove by, it was a gut-wrenching feeling because it just looked so familiar,” she says.

There was front end damage and another distinguishing feature.

“She had two bumper stickers on the back that she tried to peel off but there’s still evidence of them being there,” says Crystal.

Most disturbing of all, the car is owned by someone who lives just down the street.

Crystal thought the case was cracked. She was relieved because she has no health insurance and she’s on the hook for $70,000 worth of medical bills.

“We are literally down to our last dollar at this point,” says Crystal.

But despite the car being seized, there has been no arrest. Police say the owner isn’t cooperating and Crystal can’t believe someone can sleep at night knowing they could have killed her daughter.

“To that person, turn yourself in and do the right thing,” she says. “Pay for what you’ve done, that’s how life is.”

New Ipswich police didn’t return our calls Wednesday about why there has been no arrest. They have not released the name of the suspect but have asked for the public to come forward with any information.


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