A Blog by Gary LaPierre

     Watching TV last evening and it suddenly dawned on me…..It’s almost as though it’s the final couple of weeks before election day and the two candidates are launching a full barrage.    On ad after another on national TV……..Obama is bad for this country….but wait…Romney had a Swiss bank account.    OMG….what are we going to do with only six months ’till election day?   ;-)     Six freekin’ months and the back-and-forth is obnoxious already.

     The polls at this point don’t mean a whole lot.  Oh there are certain things one can read into different aspects of the polling but for the most part, it’s only a snapshot of today…..taken in the Month of May, and a lot of kaka is going to fly between now and November so don’t bet the farm on anything right now.    BHO has the advantage because he has the office….and with it the bully pulpit….but what he doesn’t have is a single thing……not one solitary positive thing he can throw out there as a reason to give him another four years.  Yes I know….Osama is dead and GE is alive, but that ain’t gonna do it.    “It’s the economy stupid.”      And the guy with all the cards on that subject is Willard….I mean Mitt…..but Mitt is going to have to grow a couple of brass ones between now and November if he thinks he can really win this.  I think he can and I think he will.

     One more thing on BHO.   I remember taking an awful thrashing a while back when I suggested in this space that Obama is surely a socialist….as obvious as the nose on your face.   Try this one:     The campaign theme for Obama’s reelection campaign is “FORWARD.” You’ll see that sign “FORWARD” everywhere he goes between now and election day.   Google it.   Check “FORWARD” in Wikipedia….. scroll down to its intention and connotation as it applies to politics and you will have a clear understanding of where Obama wants to bring us.   Kadina is the Hebrew word for “FORWARD”  and “FORWARD” is a socialist democratic party in Greenland.  It’s the generic name for all Socialist publications.


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