BOSTON (CBS) – For twenty years, Thomas Foley, the former head of the Massachusetts State Police, worked on trying to arrest Whitey Bulger.

In his new book, Most Wanted, he reveals how his investigations were routinely compromised by the F.B.I.

“Their role was to protect him,” says Foley. “There was more loyalty at that time, to Bulger and Flemmi then there was to other law enforcement agencies working this area.”

Bulger was an FBI informant but Foley says he and his team knew that Bulger was using the F.B.I. as a shield to protect his criminal business.

“How do you, when you are pulling people’s bodies out of the ground, start saying Bulger and Flemmi  really aren’t that bad,” says Foley. “That was the culmination, people couldn’t argue with us anymore.”

Foley says some thought of Bulger as a Southie Robin Hood, but that wasn’t the case.

“He was a sadistic killer a lot of people didn’t realize how hands-on he actually was,” says Foley. “He wasn’t like a Mafia boss who would instruct someone to do a hit, Whitey actually did the hits himself and he enjoyed doing those hits.”

Bulger is charged with 19 counts of murder. His trial is set to begin in November.

Most Wanted went on sale Tuesday.


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